The Richmond Area Historical and Genealogical Society (RAHGS) is a non-profit organization established in January 1990 when a group of citizens gathered in the Richmond Public Library to pursue a common interest: the preservation of a 19th Century one-room schoolhouse which was located in the middle of a cornfield owned by James McKiernan of Richmond Township.

     Shortly thereafter, the newly formed Society was offered a former Grand Trunk Railroad Depot from Columbus Township, which was owned by Joseph Maranzano and located on Rattle Run Road. Members and interested individuals were able to save these historic buildings by moving them to the Bailey Park property which was donated to the Society by the City of Richmond.
     In 1996, the descendants of John Donley donated a log cabin and outhouse which were also moved to the park.
     In 2007 the Society raised funds and built a replica blacksmith shop to sit alongside the historic buildings. The building was completed in the spring of 2009 and serves as a museum, office space, and storage.

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2023 RAHGS Society Officers

President: Dianne Gibson
Vice-President: Don Graham
Treasurer: Lori Nye 
Secretary: Kristine Nolan

Norm Gibson
Marsha Phillips
Richard Weinert

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