It is the Society’s desire to encourage basic knowledge of genealogical research and of the area’s rich history. Pat Hendrickson, Dianne Gibson, and Ursula Adamson serve as the Society’s Historical Research Committee. Their experience in genealogical research and interest in the area make them a great team for this task. Ursula has many years of genealogy research, but her area of expertise is anything related to the German immigrants in the Richmond area. She has even travelled to Germany as a result of her research. So, if you have reached a roadblock in your research, or need help with a German document, Ursula is the person to contact. Her website, Ursula’s Genealogical Homepage focuses on, but is not limited to the following townships: Richmond, Lenox, Casco, and Columbus. All funds generated from her research for members are donated to the Society. Click here for a PDF of information on How To Begin Your Genealogy Click here for a PDF of a Pedigree Chart